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Writing is probably a very common thing that you do.

Writing has been my main focus lately.

Your profession might be copywriting or blogging. Your profession may be journalism or creative writing.

In order to maintain a successful website, you will need to manage the content production even if you are primarily interested in internet marketing.

Here are the lit of top 10 content writing tools that any bloggers or creative writers or content writers can use to save time

No matter what your audience is experiencing, words can engage them.

According to an old saying, “a pen is mightier than a sword”. Getting things done today requires more than just a pen (a keyboard).

With so many writing tools and apps available, you can find exactly what you need.

Almost all writing tools have been tried by this point.

Amazing ones can be found there. There are some that are garbage. The majority of people are average.

There is, however, a problem…

Based on these factors, the value of these resources is determined:

  • How to choose the right tools and apps
  • Choosing a style should be determined by your goals

Despite misconceptions, there isn’t one writing tool that fits all situations.

I don’t think so.

Don’t think about it right now.

Neither a single tool nor a single writing style fits every style or workflow.

You will find a list of my favorite writing apps and tools in this guide. The writing tools you use will depend upon the category in which you are writing.

Live composition tools that are best


1. Scrivener

Price: $49

Scrivener is a powerful writing tool designed for those who write long documents. Whether it is a pillar article, an essay, or a long blog post, anything goes.

Scrivener allows you to organize your writing process, research, and notes while allowing you to “see the forest for the trees” whenever you like.

A word processor can be fully replaced by this program. You can use this tool to organize massive amounts of information if you are overwhelmed with information.


  • The time wasted jumping between documents and between sections will be reduced. Getting a closeup of details or looking at the big picture is unbelievably easy.
  • No matter which way you cut and paste, you have complete control over how the document is formatted.
  • Consistency checks are simplified with integrated outlining and side-by-side document comparisons.
  • Keeping track of your writing goals will help you accomplish them more quickly.


  • If there are no Android apps, why can’t you use Scrivener on Windows, iOS, and Mac?
  • There’s nothing particularly fast about this writing software. Typing lags sometimes. It’s so annoying.

Best For:

Scrivener’s best use is when you are working on multiple long documents at the same time.

Novelists are likely to benefit most from Scrivener.

In contrast, if you’re writing essays, pillar posts, or series, Scrivener’s organizing tools will help you see and manage your writing and edits.

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2. Write!

Price: $24.95 (one-time fee)

Those who like bells and whistles will like Scrivener. Although elaborate writing tools and apps may seem like the best productivity tools, they do not necessarily improve productivity. What if you want something more minimalist for your writing projects?

Consider Write!

Write for that reason! Having a good education is very important! You will improve your focus. The user interface should not be cluttered or distracting.

Although Write! has an elegant interface, it is distraction-free. It offers all the functionality you would expect from a word processor.


  • Write! The dark theme is available – yes! In addition to making my eyes feel better, I am able to focus more so.
  • Create a cloud backup of your work. Rather than lugging USB drives, Google Docs, e-mailing yourself documents, and other hassles around, you can now move seamlessly between devices. It will be waiting for you when you get back.
  • Write is available for a one-time fee! So many tools require a subscription, making this a welcome exception.


  • Write! is a good option for some users. The design may be a bit minimalistic. You will need a different app if you want to view dense information while you work.

Best For:

Rather than drowning your brain in information overload from Scrivener and other online tools, write! Taking a deep breath and focusing on your work is the key to truly immersing yourself in your writing process with this app.

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3. Storyist

Price: $59 for macOS, $19 for iOS

Do you need an alternative option to Scrivener if you are an Apple user?

Among the top tools for novelists is Storyist.

Unlike Scrivener, Storyist has a lot of distractions. On the screen, you can see a lot of information thanks to its many features.

The platform provides a unified interface for planning and composing.


  • Screenplay templates and manuscript templates are already available. Taking care of formatting effortlessly allows you to focus fully on your composition.
  • You can plan and compose content on one platform, helping you stay organized.
  • Even for the iOS version, the cost cannot be argued.


  • Storyist is not available to people who don’t use Apple products. If you choose Scrivener or another option, you will need to use it.

Best For:

Novelists can use this app to write on Apple devices. It may also prove useful to content writers and bloggers who are working on long-form posts.

Scrivener is by far the most recommended alternative.

4. Final Draft

Price: $249.99

Want to know what screenwriters should use for writing? There is no need to look further than Final Draft. In the scriptwriting industry, this program is the standard.

A screenplay written in Word is a nightmare for anyone who has written one.

I’m having a hard time keeping up!

Having finished it, it feels like you have aged several decades.

Source: giphy

Who has time for that? No one in the industry.

Your writing projects are due by a certain date. This is where Final Draft comes into play.

Source: Final Draft


  • Final Draft will make you feel like a Hollywood icon like J.J. Abrahams and Guillermo del Toro. Honestly. As long as it worked for Abrams, it should also work for you.
  • Screenwriting is difficult for what reason? Formatting, in other words. There are more than 300 templates included in Final Draft, so the formatting is ready to go. Imagination just pours right onto the page.
  • Final Draft also allows you total control over both your planning and organizing processes, like Scrivener. For continuity errors to be avoided, this is crucial. The big screen is the perfect place to showcase that!


  • Nothing can be done about it. Final Draft doesn’t come cheap. Nonetheless, this writing tool is well worth it if you want fast and easy access to professionally formatted scripts.

Best For:

A screenwriter shouldn’t use Final Draft as an all-purpose tool. Nevertheless, it is an essential product for any industry professional.

Storyist is an Apple-compatible less expensive program you can use to write screenplays if you’re on a budget.

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Best Writing Tools to Check Your Grammar

5. Grammarly

 Price: $30/month ($12/month if you pay annually)

It’s an online writing tool that is absolutely among the most popular around.

There is a grammar checker available as a free extension to your browser.

It is easy to use when writing emails, posting on social media, or managing projects in Slack and Asana.

Grammarly is a free application, but you need a premium subscription if you want to unlock its full potential.

Your editorial processes will be less expensive and drinking less wine will be more economical as well 😉

If you log in, you get twice as many grammar and writing corrections.


  • Alternatively, you can compose your text elsewhere and paste it into Grammarly later. In comparison to other apps, Grammarly makes pasting your work a breeze. If so, how? The spacing isn’t increased!
  • If you set tone, domain, audience, and formality goals, you could specify the exact style you want. Grammatically, its recommendations are tailored to your unique needs rather than offering general guidance.

Isn’t that the best part? This makes it a useful tool for working with a team to get yourself, fellow writers, clients, or other teammates on the same page regarding tone and voice.

Based on the goals you select, specific rules are used to eliminate ambiguity from style discussions.

Plagiarism will no longer be an issue for you. There are 16 billion pages checked by this writing app, so you can rest easy.


Grammarly is a bit overzealous about certain things.

You may receive sometimes incorrect and irrelevant replacement words, in an effort to avoid repeating the same word too often.

Clicking through and clicking away at irrelevant suggestions will take a lot of your time.

Additionally, passive voice usage in situations that are not appropriate goes overboard in grammar. A good example would be a list of product specifications.

Best For:

The grammar checker Grammarly does its job quite well.

The best use of it is to define and check style.

Teamwork can be made easier with this tool. Similarly, if you’re tired of having to remove extra spaces when pasting into online writing tools, such as Google Docs or Microsoft Word, this is a must-have.

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6. ProWritingAid

Price: $79/year for ProWritingAid Premium, $89/year for ProWritingAidPremium+ (plagiarism checking included)

Grammarly is a great way to check for grammar mistakes, though you may also consider using ProWritingAid. There is close competition between these two writing tools.  

At first glance, they look to be pretty similar. Let me keep it simple.

In terms of pricing, context, and accuracy, the biggest differences are these.

The main advantage of ProWritingAid is that it is cheaper than Grammarly. Writing apps with better grammar accuracy are Grammarly and Scrivener. That’ll make a difference in the long run.

While Grammarly doesn’t seem to grasp some of the contexts of ProWritingAid, it does grasp some.

Dialogue, for instance, isn’t going to be a problem for ProWritingAid since it won’t flag sentence fragments the way Grammarly will.

You can also use this feature to create informal writing styles. Additionally, did I mention there is a Thesaurus integrated right into the app? Not only that, but it also functions as a context-specific Thesaurus.

That’s a big deal, right? Basically, it learns your context from the words you type so you get the most relevant suggestions. Instead of getting just another word, you get better choices.


  • The premium plans for ProWritingAid can save you money over Grammarly’s.
  • Love sentence fragments (see what I did there?) ProWritingAid’s more informal style guidelines won’t waste your time with unnecessary corrections.
  • Finding synonyms that best suit your needs is so easy with ProWritingAid. To be honest, I prefer it over Power Thesaurus when it comes to word choice.
  • Using ProWritingAid makes your writing more direct. You can write “walked quickly” for example, and it will recommend “hurried” or “dashed.”


  • Grammar has more to offer when it comes to making corrections in terms of accuracy.

Best For:

The latest version of ProWritingAid gives you the combined functionality of a grammar checker and context-based Thesaurus all in one.

Best SEO Writing Tools

7. Frase

Price: $44.99 monthly for an individual plan, $114.99 monthly for team plan

At the moment, there are a number of writing tools that are popular for SEO.

Our next topic will be Surfer, probably the most popular.

However, my favorite tool for writing content is Frase.

Compared to Surfer, Topic, and other SEO optimization tools that I have tried for writing blog posts and other content.

What sets Frase apart?


  • Is it boring writing SEO content that throws barely relevant or single-word keywords at you, cluttering the optimization process? Phrase suggests highly relevant long-tail keywords and makes the process of eliminating those that don’t fit fast and easy.
  • Phrase’s keyword recommendations, headings, and questions are all displayed in context. You understand the reasons for its recommendations, and you can save time by building context around keywords you want to incorporate into your content.
  • Content scores fairly accurately with Phrase. Your score won’t be penalized if you used a common word more times than an arbitrary, exact number.
  • You can get Surfer for $59 per month. It is actually cheaper to use Phrase without the SEO add-on – and I’m convinced it is the superior tool.


  • If you want to use Frase’s SEO feature, you must purchase it separately. A significant increase in cost is the result of this. As a result, you should be prepared before taking the leap.

Best For:

If you are looking for an app that will make it easy for you to create a good outline and write an article, then this app is a perfect choice.

The interface might seem overwhelming at first glance. It is more intuitive than other apps you are currently using once you get the hang of it.

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8. Surfer SEO

Price: $59/month

The most popular tool right now for content writers is probably Surfer SEO. If you build websites or write content for someone who does, you are likely to have at least been asked about Surfer.

Its functions are similar to those of Topic or Frase. It is possible to use the Surfer interface or a browser extension to write with Surfer in Google Docs.


  • A user can quickly become familiar with Surfer’s intuitive user interface. The length, headings, keywords, and more for your text are clearly visible.
  • Surfer is so popular right now. You may be more hirable if you learn how to use this tool if you write content for a living.


  • I notice that Surfer’s user interface reports “connection lost” quite often when I use it. I need to redo the work I’ve just entered when this happens. Typists will think this isn’t awesome.
  • There are a lot of keyword suggestions that are either irrelevant or simply common words. When you don’t use them at the exact number that Surfer specifies, it lowers your score. The results could be unnatural-sounding text if all of its recommendations are taken literally.

Best For:

It is probably the easiest SEO writing tool that is a straightforward one to learn.

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9. Topic

Price: $99/month

There is also a Topic, which can be found at (I mention this because it took me a long time to realize that the website isn’t actually called “UseTopic”).

There are many similarities between this topic and Frase. The pros and cons listed below place it behind Frase and above Surfer.


  • It is easy to build an outline with a Topic, and you can dive right into writing right away, saving time on content creation.
  • In general, the Topic’s suggested headings and keywords are relevant and helpful.
  • A bit pricey compared to some competitors.


  • The same could be said of Topic, though I believe it generates less irrelevant keyword “noise.” It also goes less overboard with common standalone words.
  • Topic’s strange propensity to add and remove spaces between paragraphs in real-time through unknown methods will annoy you if you follow my example of writing in an offline document and then pasting it into Topic. Seriously, it’s like it is possessed.

Best For:

Considering Topic if you’re seeking a writing tool with good outlining and recommendation features for keywords and phrases is worthwhile.

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10. Hemingway App

Price: Free

I do know, yeah. There’s nothing like it. As a content writer or copywriter, you probably already use the Hemingway Editor. Just in case you’re not familiar with it, I’d like to explain it.

A free version of this app is available. By navigating to the site, the site will open and you can immediately type or paste content into it.

Using this app, which is called the “Hemingway App”, will simplify your writing.


  • There are few user interfaces more elegant than this one. This program helps you create writing that is streamlined. As well, the page loads quickly.
  • It helps you easily identify problems in your copy because of the color-coding.
  • There’s no charge!


  • It is one of the best online writing tools for its purpose, but you cannot use it for anything other than simplifying your writing and making it more direct.

Best For:

Journalists and copywriters were the target audience for the Hemingway app. Your writing level should be around sixth-grade level in those occupations. By doing so, you maximize a wide audience’s readability.

By using this app, you will be able to spot words that are too complicated and overuse of the passive voice.

It should be possible to bring the grade level down if you resolve these problems. You can know as soon as you are hitting the sweet spot because Hemingway updates your grade score.


That wraps it up! I’ll summarize quickly.

To compose live, my top recommendations are Scrivener, Write!, Storyist, and Final Draft.

Write! Storyist is the best choice for Apple users. The final Draft is for screenwriters. For minimalists, Paper is ideal; for those who need an organized tool, Scrivener excels.

They are all geared toward creative writers. Consider also getting Plotter to help you organize your story arcs.

I recommend Grammarly and ProWritingAid for grammar and style issues.

It’s best to use Grammarly for accurate results, but ProWritingAid is better suited if you’d rather keep your style less formal.

When you’re writing copy, you can make your language more concise by downloading the Hemingway app in your iOS or Android device.

You can also use Frase, Surfer SEO, and Topic if you’re writing for search engine marketing.

Despite the fact that most people prefer Surfer, Frase is my top recommendation for its ease of use and available keywords and subjects.

No tool can create silk from a sow’s ear.

In the end, you’ll be the one who needs to provide the writing chops. The good news is that they can make your job easier, quicker, and more successful.


Post Author: Surya Kala

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