School Management Software


Academia 2.0’ is a complete School ERP Software with Admission, Fees, Library and Transport Management module for schools, colleges, and institutions integrated with Financial Accounting. Very easy to operate and implement. Academia 2.0 can be operated by a layman. Just configure your fees heads, frequency, routes, classes, concessions and your software is ready to go. Academia 2.0 software handles fees Management system so intelligently and easily. As a result there are no long queues for fees payment leaving behind a great impression in the parents mind.


  • Student Admission
  • Fees Management
  • Enquiry Management
  • Route-Wise Transportation Charges
  • Attendance Management
  • Send SMS for Home Work, Holiday, Birthday, Parents Birthday, Anniversary, Fees Receipts And Outstanding Fees etc.
  • Fees Reminder
  • Time Table
  • ID Card Printing
  • Letters & Certificates
  • Results
  • Integrated Financial Accounting Up to Balance Sheet
  • Inventory Management with Purchase / Sale
  • User-Configurable Documents / Letters
  • Easy Banking
  • Fully Automatic with Powerful Reporting System
  • Library Management
  • Maintain Fees Summaries, Registers, Dues, Fees Cards, Balances, Receipts, Fees Heads, Concessions, and Payment Methods.
  • Class wise Fees Comparison, Fees Head wise Comparison, Monthly Comparison.
  • Graphical Charts for Comparison and Statistical Analysis
  • Export Any Report into any Format e.g. PDF, HTML, Excel, Word.
  • Password Protected
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