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What is PPC (Pay Per Click)?

With pay-per-click advertising, you can drive traffic to your website using paid promotions.

PPC is a model through which advertisers pay publishers whenever an advertisement is clicked.

Services such as Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising (Bing Ads), etc. often include pay-per-click advertising.

Recent years have seen some of the leading social media platforms, such as Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, and Pinterest, adopt the PPC advertising model.

What does Pay Per Click chennai service involve?

Search engine advertisements are based on an auction system.

SEO (Search Engine Results Page) ads strive to appear in front of the target market.

A keyword is a term used by advertisers or competitors to bid on. The terms a regular web user will likely search for on search engines are called search engine keywords.

Advertising that is pay per click involves the advertiser paying every time their ad is clicked.

  • PPC campaigns are budgeted by advertisers.
  • Advertisements appear before organic results on the SERP (and sometimes after organic results too).
  • You should receive a small sum from the advertiser in the form of Cost Per Click (CPC) from each user who clicks on an ad.

Pay per click chennai- What we offer

It’s difficult to determine which types of ads will work for your business and which strategy will generate you more visitors if you’re new to search engine marketing. We’ve covered the many forms of PPC advertisements you can use for your business and how we can assist you.

Search ads

The most prevalent sort of ad is a search ad. Most of the time when you browse the internet for anything, you will come across these ads.

Websites that have been sponsored show at the top and bottom of the results page.

To signify that a search ad is paid, it is labeled with the word “Ad.” Text and links are used in search adverts.

Display ads

  • Advertisements that appear anywhere on a website are known as display advertising. These ads appear on Google-affiliated websites.
  • You can target those who are interested in your goods and who have visited comparable websites with your adverts.
  • To grab the reader’s attention, display adverts usually include appealing graphics and text.

Social ads

  • Leading social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linked In, and others have now incorporated pay-per-click advertising. Social ads are paid advertisements that display across all social media sites.
  • Because 91 percent of social media users access it via their mobile phones, social ads are extremely effective.
  • This is a significant benefit for advertising.
  • Because consumers who search for “restaurants near me” on their phones are more likely to act quickly than those who look for the same term on a laptop or desktop.

Remarketing ads

  • In PPC marketing, remarketing is a very useful tool.
  • Remarketing is a Google AdWords tool that allows us to target people who have already seen our product.
  • This is a demographic of people who are interested in our product, event, or service.
  • This prospective audience can be converted into buyers through proper retargeting and remarketing.

Google shopping

  • Another sort of sponsored ad that is particularly efficient for product marketing is Google shopping advertising.
  • These advertisements are displayed in a carousel manner and provide a summary of similar products from other websites.
  • Google Shopping Ads provides a digital window-shopping platform.
  • It lets a user browse all of the products, read customer reviews, compare options, and select the best one.

Gmail sponsored promotions

  • Gmail-sponsored promos are a great way to promote your company in front of people’s inboxes.
  • These advertisements can be personalized to a specific audience.
  • Promotional emails from Gmail appear at the top of the inbox on both mobile and desktop.
  • Promotional advertising has an “Ad” tag before the subject line.
  • Personalized emails with good formatting and a catchy subject line are more likely to be opened and clicked on.
  • Giving them all the information in an email is a great way to get more people to visit your website.

Instream ads

  • There’s a strong chance you’ve seen an instream ad if you use the internet.
  • Instream advertisements are the most common on Youtube.
  • Instream ads are advertisements that appear before, during, or after a video. They also include all other display commercials that appear on the video screen.
  • 64 percent of internet users watch videos on YouTube. This is an excellent opportunity for you to connect out to your target audience in a unique way.

Ads that are relevant to your audience’s interests and draw them memorably and uniquely have a high possibility of generating traffic and revenue. Feeling a little overwhelmed should not get you down. We’re here to make everything as simple as possible for you. Set a budget for your marketing campaign and leave the rest to us. The marketing team at Clicktinder will put it to the best possible use to increase leads and conversions for your company while staying within your budget.

Why is Clicktinder Chennai’s top PPC company?

As one of the top PPC companies in Chennai, Clicktinder provides comprehensive digital marketing services across all platforms and runs successful ad campaigns tailored to your target audience and demands. We take into account all of your issues and build an ad strategy that will benefit your company across all platforms. The following are some of the reasons why we provide the best PPC advertising service:

  • Competitive research increased return on investment.
  • Affordability
  • Tracking conversions
  • Reports in real-time
  • Creation and upkeep of landing pages
  • Setup of an Ad Campaign
  • Copyrighted ad creation
  • Within your budget, the best bid management
  • Continual evaluation and improvement
  • Online assistance is available.
  • Report on performance every week

We’ve worked with hundreds of clients from all backgrounds over the years. Our Search Engine Marketing staff will meet all of your requirements while staying within your budget.

We understand the value of every dollar you spend. As a result, we have a strong policy of not allowing you to spend money by running ads with no return on investment.

We guarantee you’ll experience immediate results and create more leads and conversions than ever before.

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